What is EVAC?

EVAC is a volunteer, Search and Rescue Support Unit founded in 1977 and dedicated to community service throughout North Dakota and Minnesota.

The acronym EVAC stands for Emergency Vehicle Assistance and Communications. EVAC provides manpower, transportation, and communciation for area events and emergencies.

EVAC currently bases its operations out of the Fargo/Cass Public Safety Building located in northwest Fargo.

During any man made or natural disaster we may be asked to assist emergency services with any emergency disaster situation.

EVAC's mission is to provide emergency assistance if and when requested by area law enforcement, fire, or medical services. EVAC is equipped and trained to render assistance to area emergency service providers and Civil Defense.

What has EVAC helped out with?

In the past, EVAC has provided assistance for emergency situations such as the Red River Flooding, structure fires, downed electrical poles or lines, and street light outages. We also have provided assistance to such events or parades as the Fargo Marathon, the Fargo Air Sho, Holiday Lights parade, NDSU Homecoming and NDSU Run to Remember and Walk for Christ. EVAC and its members have also provided rides during winter blizzards for emergency services personal to allow them to get to and from their jobs safely.


How can you help EVAC?

EVAC is a 501C3 non-profit organization which exists solely on the free will donations of businesses, other organization or individuals. EVAC is always in need of monetary donations to further our objectives. If you can help us out, please get in touch with an EVAC member or mail any donations to the address listed in the "Join EVAC" section of the website.


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